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China filter manufacturers - hjy - 03-21-2018

Compact V-bank or rigid cassette filters
Airknow Compact V-typed or rigid cassette filters is a rigid, extended surface air filter, engineered to provide maximum performance and prolonged filter lifecycles, even in the most difficult environment . It also can be used as replacement filters and return air filter.
The construction ,consisting of stable V-shaped filter packages, surrounded by a strong housing of polypropylene withstands considerable variations in air volume and pressure.
Airknow V-typed filters are constructed with heavy duty frames in either galvanized sheet metal, medium density fibreboard(MDF) or plastic. Compact filters are suitable for installing in a comprehensive range of filter installation frame. Close-pleated media pack makes Airknow Compact V-bank or rigid cassette filters or return air filters ideal for incorporating into air-cooled production machines, computers, electrical control equipment, and other filtration units.China filter manufacturers