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Staff Application Format
The following format is Required in your application. If the format is not followed the application posted will be automatically denied. 

Contact Information

First Name:

In-Game Username:

Forums Username:




Other Information

How fluent is your English:

Are you currently a staff rank on any other servers:

Have you been subject to any punishments on other Minecraft servers:

Donator Rank:

Additional Information

Explain your experience on AtlasMC:

Do you have any past experience with server moderation:

Why do you want to be a Junior Moderator:

Can you give an example of a time you have to take up a leadership role:


I understand that becoming a staff member does not permit me to special perks or ranks:

I understand that my rank can be taken away at any time and in doing so I can not argue with the reason:

I understand that I must help players and not be rude or hurtful to others:

I understand that asking any staff members about my application will result in an automatic denial. The staff will not say if they are aware of your application ring accepted or not upon being asked.

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